These 8 Meaning Books Explain The Quarter Life Crisis

These 8 Meaning Books Explain The Quarter Life Crisis

If quarter life crises exist, does that mean 3 crises over the course of our lives in total? Better get prepped!

The quarter life crisis is not talked about much; the mid life crisis takes the cake on that one. That’s not to say a quarter life crisis is a breeze. A quarter life crisis is truly tough, and these authors know that.

These books cover various aspects and different stories about the quarter life crisis. It’s definitely helpful to hear stories about those who’ve gone through it before you, not to mention the inspirational decisions and strong-willed people that star in these brilliant books. Our top pick might be “Welcome to your crisis” – a motivational and positive approach to grabbing your crisis by the neck and learning from it.

#3 Searching for God in the Garbage

Experience what goes on inside the mind of a Harvard grad who broke the habits that were imprisoning her in this raw and candid memoir about overcoming food addictions, changing the course of life in one’s twenties, and finding lasting joy. How did she fill the inner emptiness? By nourishing her hungry soul.

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