This is what 18-year-old “kids” were doing in 1944.

Our age group may be the last to understand the sacrifices that were made so that we could live in freedom.

God Bless America!
This is a very touching video, actually a piece of film that has been made into a video, this is one that is NOT Photo-shopped, it’s real.

Notice in the opening shot of the plane landing on the carrier deck the gunner’s position is all shot to hell while the pilot’s cockpit ahead of it is undamaged.

Later on, notice the corpsman taking a fingerprint of the deceased gunner, before the film continues, then shows the chaplain saying final prayers, followed by taps, then the sailors push the aircraft and this patriotic airman over the side and watch it sink into the sea.


This is what 18-year-old “kids” were doing in 1944.

No safe spaces, no hurtful unthinkable remarks that they couldn’t cope with, just dying for their country.

This 2-minute video is pretty moving. Worth your while. “What actually made this country great is ordinary guys like this doing extraordinary things.”

This is not to say that our contemporary military does not do an incredibly outstanding job — no! They are what keeps us from invasion and the whole world safe. I can sleep at night knowing they are awake and battle ready. God bless all the Armed Services, Law Enforcement, ICE, Fire Fighters, First Responders, and medical facilities who put their lives on the line for US/U.S. Thank you!