BONDLIST Props, Podcast and People for July 1, Double-O 22

REELS OF JUSTICE just took on the 13th EON classic, OCTOPUSSY. And I was there to give our side aid. WARNING: Not Safe For Work, you might laugh too hard! Al Pacino, Austin Powers, Michael Caine and more give me some badly needed help! Click on and listen: — and let REELS OF JUSTICE know if you want more Bonds soon on the chopping block!


A top resort worldwide for sheer beauty, marvelous food and free activities. Bond friends. Presentations and special guests. And as always, tours of fabulous 007 locations.
Join us for OWN THE CLUB DEUX in October, where Bond fans (nearly 30 fans so far and with no vaccination requirement!) are ready to feel like they OWN the stunning Sans Souci Resort, home to cast, crew and filming for DR. NO and LIVE AND LET DIE!
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Can I tour you through Bond props today? I frequently answer fan questions about LICENCE TO KILL’s poker and roulette chips. The genuine LICENCE TO KILL screen-used chips have either red or black background logo inserts. Those pictured above, for example, have red inserts (black printing on red Casino de Isthmus City logos). The mass-produced LTK chips have GREEN background inserts and are also the best-selling home chips of all time. They’ve been produced in the MILLIONS (since home users often want sets of many hundreds for poker nights).
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Interestingly, the genuine LTK chips were reused on screen for the GOLDENEYE casino! A “two Bonds” prop! That’s right–Bond and Xenia played with “Casino de Monaco” plaques but “Casino de Isthmus City” chips, as shown above and below!
This image above is from an EON museum display . . . of LICENCE TO KILL chips as played by Timothy Dalton . . . note the GOLDENEYE sign as shown and the Isthmus logo as seen! There are ten different types of LTK/GEYE chips, and almost all of them have disappeared from the open market in recent years. I can only wish you luck in finding examples of all ten!
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Let’s consider CASINO ROYALE’s screen-seen chips next, another highly popular production chip for mass production as replicas (and as almost always, the replica EON items differ from the real originals in subtle ways). The three high denomination chips (at bottom of the image above. between $5,000 and $100,000 U.S. chips) were used only in the salle privée (for the Bond/Le Chiffre match), the other four chips (the top four shown above from $5 to $500 U.S.) were production made for the main casino room (from where Bond “borrows” a knife from a barman to pursue Le Chiffre). That is, there are seven denominations of chips to be collected from the CASINO ROYALE film production. And I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen all seven together at one auction or sale–it’s been many years–it took much time and money to collect all seven. Quite recently, however, EON issued chips with letters of authenticity inside “007 Advent Calendar” boxes–and all these chips are now sold out of circulation, too.
Now, two kinds of labels are borne by the screen used/production made sets. One kind featured a dark yellow label, as seen above. Check provenance carefully when you buy “screen-used chips”, because some mass production CR’s bear a similar dark toned and yellowish label.
The second kind of screen-used chip is shown above, and there IS a way to differentiate it from the mass produced chips, even the best and early replicas! I will leave it to you to figure out. If you own a chip you know is production-run and with a bright white label as above, see if you can find the difference between your real chip and a really fine quality replica chip. It was fun to discover the answer! Write if you think you know the answer to “How are most of the screen-seen Casino Royale chips labeled?” Hint: The unique difference is on the chip label/inset and not the physical chip itself.
There’s a further mystery to be solved, though. On screen as above, the CR chips are not to be seen! This table has mostly white chips with dark pips (edge markings)! I have a photograph of the four main casino chips in use on the main casino set BEFORE main filming began. But when the cameras rolled, substitute chips appeared! Put differently, there ARE seven types of screen-used chips to collect, but only three made it to the screens in theatres!

Congratulations to BONDLIST’er Dr. John Flynn, who has a new publisher for his popular (and fun, Bondlike!) KATE DAWSON THRILLER series. An origin novel for Lady Kate may be forthcoming . . . congrats, Dr. F! John also shared with BONDLIST as above his sneak preview of the gorgeous new cover coming for EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT LIFE I LEARNED FROM JAMES BOND. No need to wait for the new edition, you can get his EIKALILF JAMES BOND today at Amazon and other outlets worldwide:

Vectis Auctions has a lovely, lovely cache of Bond collector items coming to the auction block on August 9: — we can hardly wait for this treasure trove!
Thanks to all and SEE YOU IN JAMAICA! — Matt Sherman (and his henchmen worldwide)