Just released! Glass Wind Chimes by Jocko Lee

Just released! Glass Wind Chimes by Jocko Lee

Based on the life of Robert Cody, this thought-provoking, fictional memoir starts out in the late 1990s with Cody working for a master ship builder. While testing one of the ships out on the high seas off the United States Pacific Coast/Vancouver, Canada, he encounters an unusual cloud mass that the local fishermen explicitly avoid; saying people have gone in and never come out. When curiosity gets the best of him, Cody decides to explore and discovers the last known landmass never having been chartered. Not being in any country’s territory, he now claims the island as his own.

Shortly thereafter, Cody goes to Ireland to sign a ship deal for the company he works for and buys an Irish Lottery ticket ‘for the heck-of-it.’ A week later, he finds out he is now the richest man in the world. Thus, he has the funding to establish and settle his country. Little does he know, but North Korea has gotten wind of his island and finds it to be the perfect locale for a base to attack the United States. Cody is the owner and the law…

Jocko Lee has done a remarkable job in detailing the complexities regarding such an endeavor and so convincingly that it stirs a great longing to live in the Paradise Islands and cast this harried existence aside. Having spent over fifty years in several professions, including being a fisherman, boat owner, and working in the shipping industry, his writing is authentic and most believable.

A native of North Carolina, Lee spent over fifty years in several professions including being a fisherman, boat owner and working in the shipping industry. He is now retired and writing full-time. His scifi, Tar Kyler: Time Traveling Mercenary, was published by Rogue Phoenix Press. Lee is currently working on The Travels of Jacob Spach, a fictional account based on the travels of his grandfather around the early 1900’s. Glass Wind Chimes has become a part of him, as a part of him is scattered throughout the story.

Published by Argus Publishing   Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency