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I am President of Loiacono Literary Agency, LLC. I have been a literary agency for four years and have over sixty clients and have sold over 89 books to date.

Just released! Glass Wind Chimes by Jocko Lee

Just released! Glass Wind Chimes by Jocko Lee

Based on the life of Robert Cody, this thought-provoking, fictional memoir starts out in the late 1990s with Cody working for a master ship builder. While testing one of the ships out on the high seas off the United States Pacific Coast/Vancouver, Canada, he encounters an unusual cloud mass that the local fishermen explicitly avoid; saying people have gone in and never come out. When curiosity gets the best of him, Cody decides to explore and discovers the last known landmass never having been chartered. Not being in any country’s territory, he now claims the island as his own.

Shortly thereafter, Cody goes to Ireland to sign a ship deal for the company he works for and buys an Irish Lottery ticket ‘for the heck-of-it.’ A week later, he finds out he is now the richest man in the world. Thus, he has the funding to establish and settle his country. Little does he know, but North Korea has gotten wind of his island and finds it to be the perfect locale for a base to attack the United States. Cody is the owner and the law…

Jocko Lee has done a remarkable job in detailing the complexities regarding such an endeavor and so convincingly that it stirs a great longing to live in the Paradise Islands and cast this harried existence aside. Having spent over fifty years in several professions, including being a fisherman, boat owner, and working in the shipping industry, his writing is authentic and most believable.

A native of North Carolina, Lee spent over fifty years in several professions including being a fisherman, boat owner and working in the shipping industry. He is now retired and writing full-time. His scifi, Tar Kyler: Time Traveling Mercenary, was published by Rogue Phoenix Press. Lee is currently working on The Travels of Jacob Spach, a fictional account based on the travels of his grandfather around the early 1900’s. Glass Wind Chimes has become a part of him, as a part of him is scattered throughout the story.

Published by Argus Publishing   Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency

Argus Publishing takes on Dr. David L. Vastola’s The New Reality of Nutrients!

Much scientific evidence suggests that taking a daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is a sensible precaution to help avoid nutrient deficiencies. Vastola wrote The New Reality of Nutrients to demystify the complicated world of vitamins, minerals, supplements, and herbs. His common-sense approach, combined with the science to back it up, explains what the product labels do not. FDA, RDA, and directional use provided on bottles are not necessarily individually applicable. Each person is unique and Vastola’s technique of defragmenting the information on a personal level is enlightening.

“Vitamins are really a misnomer when it comes to nutrient therapy because you must consider not only vitamins but minerals, trace elements and herbal remedies. In The New Reality of Nutrients, I go into a great deal of fundamental information about how, when, and the reasons why they are so important. I also outline my theories on aging and how to avoid the aging process. I also explain how current concepts are so outdated, like the RDA (recommended daily allowance), that need to be disregarded. As a sad corollary, nutritional collegiate programs lack an integrated approach to standard medical therapies, making them burdensome and ineffective. That’s the reason why I wrote this book, to bridge what I see as a major obstacle in understanding and in using appropriately these nutritional supplements.”

Dr. David L. Vastola is a Board Certified Internal Medicine and Gastroenterologist who has done extensive research proving that taking vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements is a sensible precaution to avoiding nutrient deficiencies that are common throughout life. He also believes that candidness and positive communication between patient and physician, as well as being diligent and proactive, are the keys to staying healthy. He runs a private practice in Palm Beach, Florida, specializing in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, and is often called the “Sherlock Holmes of Medicine” for uncovering problems other medical professionals missed. He has written four books, been married for thirty-five years and has five children, and employs an assistant lovingly named Patrick the Poodle. Dr. Vastola also has extensive media experience as a medical and nutrition expert on WJNO Radio, Fox News and CBS News in Florida.

Dr. Vastola has had two movie producers film the pilot for a reality TV series based on his practice in Florida, Good Health Hunting. Having the book published before the premier would be most beneficial. Promo video of the pilot Link to full pilot. The password is Cine. 

Among his other patients in Palm Beach Gardens, he has many celebrities, as well as others of his community and internationally, who seek his no-nonsense approach to healthcare. Frank Biden, brother of former Vice President Joe Biden, is in the pilot as one of Dr. Vastola’s patients. Improperly diagnosed by the White House physician, he sought out Dr. Vastola who correctly diagnosed him with a rare form of Leukemia.

Published by Argus Publishing  Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency



Please support No One Left Behind – Translators for American Troops

Please support No One Left Behind – Translators for American Troops

Both of Amanda Matti’s books – Voicing the Eagle and A Foreign Affair – will open your eyes to the lives of translators, the day-to-day life in a combat zone, the humanitarian aspect (how all people are so alike even when they speak another language and live on the other side of the world; the human race, not Iraqi or American), and how Love truly does conquer all. I highly recommend them and if you ever have the chance, meet this amazingly honorable couple. I admire them greatly.

  • CJ Loiacono

For a personalized Christmas or any day gift…by famous artist Rochelle Wisoff-Fields!

For a personalized Christmas or any day gift…by famous artist Rochelle Wisoff-Fields!

An original Rochelle Wisoff-Fields portrait or landscape. Send her a photo and she paints them in sepia, watercolors, or sketch. Fields’s email Fields is the author of Please Say Kaddish For Me, From Silt and Ashes, As One Must, One Can, and the upcoming coffee table companion book to her novels based on the true story of her family’s escape from the Jewish pogroms of the late 1800s, A Stone for the Journey. All published by Argus Publishing and represented by Loiacono Literary Agency. An inexpensive yet priceless keepsake for anyone you love.

Bracha Goetz, author of over 35 children’s books and her new memoir, Searching for God in the Garbage, is interviewed on Jacob Rupp’s podcast, Lift Your Legacy.

Bracha Goetz, author of over 35 children’s books and her new memoir, Searching for God in the Garbage, is interviewed on Jacob Rupp’s podcast, Lift Your Legacy.

“If we can teach children skills to understand themselves from the very beginning, their entire lives can be different.”

Bracha Goetz authored 35 children’s books, many of them on difficult topics like how to understand G-d, protecting oneself from sexual abuse, the death of a loved one, and how to deal with bullying.

As such, she’s become an expert at making the complex simple.

And bringing light to the darkness.

We discuss the spiritual implications of addiction, and how to overcome it.

More than anything else, we see her joy is contagious, and that no matter what life brings us, how to have proper perspective for you and your children to live happy and productive lives.”

  • Jacob Rupp

LIFT YOUR LEGACY EPISODE 21: Living a Joyful & Purposeful Life with Bracha Goetz


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Searching for God in the Garbage, an extremely candid chronicle of how the author became an observant Jew and overcame anorexia, told through actual diary entries and letters, spanning through the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Published by Argus Publishing (2018). Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency

eLectio Publishing acquires Ariana Mikaelian’s memoir Cry for Rain!

Cry for Rain is the true story of soul-consuming, bitter, childhood battles within a young girl’s home amidst Iran’s political and religious upheavals.

As a Christian minority growing up in Tehran, Iran, Ariana and her siblings face harsh physical and emotional abuse from their unstable mother. On the other hand, her love for her Papa leaves a yearning for his protection and next return from his trips as a truck driver. She holds onto hope, suffering through a bitter childhood, the loss of friends and family during the revolution, the regime change to an Islamic government, and a city embattled with Iraq. But most of all, Ariana struggles to survive her mother’s cruelty.

Ariana Mikaelian penned this memoir as an encouragement to those who have experienced abuse and hardship; to let them know all hope is not lost, and choices do exist. A tangible, real-life story, it shows us what it was like growing up in Iran, being an Armenian Christian within an Islamic government, and never having sanctuary or feeling safe… anywhere.

Ariana Mikaelian is a self-made woman, born in 1963 to an Armenian family in Tehran, Iran. She endured regular abuse from a mother with a personality disorder. Despite being suppressed regularly for her talents, Mikaelian’s love for poetry and narrative writing has been a constant through the years, finding published status in several Farsi magazines. She finally writes the bitter yet poignant tale of growing up in a war-torn country and home, neither of which she could escape.

Before migrating to the United States in 1987, she lived in Athens, Greece, for almost two years. She earned not only a cosmetology license, but also one in naturopathic science and massage therapy and has been in practice for over twenty-five years. Mikaelian is fluent in four languages and is actively involved in Houston Writers’ Guild and multiple writers’ critique groups. Published by eLectio Publishing

Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency



TouchPoint Press takes on Jack Martin’s Alphonso Clay Civil War Mystery Series starting with Treason on the Mississippi!

TouchPoint Press takes on Jack Martin’s Alphonso Clay Civil War Mystery Series starting with Treason on the Mississippi!

Jack Martin designs and constructs an intricate web of events extrapolated from in-depth research of Civil War memorabilia, journals, photos, and correspondence. Although this a fictional account of the months before and the time during the Battle of Vicksburg, the characters and information are very much real.

The John Brown depicted is not the infamous Brown who ignited the War Against the States but a former Boston detective who solved a gruesome child murder case which caught the eye of Abe Lincoln, appointing him to U.S. Grants battalion. Brown uncovers treason at the highest levels of the Union Army. He sends for the one person who can help him with the investigation, Cpt. Alphonso Clay. But before Clay could meet with Brown, Brown is assassinated. Now it is up to Cpt. Clay to decipher Brown’s cryptic notes and follow his deductive instincts to solve the murder, unveil the traitors, and ensure the Union’s victory at Vicksburg, a decisive battle of the war.

Clay is a unique character; his lineage a contaminated mesh of human and ‘other-worldly,’ giving him special gifts and talents — super-human eyesight, hearing, speed, and other abilities. With the death of the one person whom he ever loved, Arabella Lot, he puts himself in repeatedly dangerous situations, volunteering for the most horrendous assignments, hoping for death to come… and to be given the chance to kill the one responsible for Arabella’s demise.

After receiving his Juris Doctorate from UCLA, he worked for The Department of Defense and the aerospace industry, specializing in contracts and regulatory issues. Tracing his Californian ancestry all the way back to the 1830s, Martin developed a passion for American history and the mystery genre. With encouragement and support from his beloved wife Sonia, he began writing The Alphonso Clay Mysteries. Sonia passed away on Christmas Eve 2009, following a brave battle against ovarian cancer. He promised her he would finish the books and become a published author. The series includes: Treason on the Mississippi, The Siege of Knoxville, Murder on the March, Murder by Plague, and Assassination at Willard’s. His latest novel, Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (Amphorae Publishing), picks up with Clay in the late 1920s. Destroyer of Worlds is next in the series. Clay lives on…

Published by TouchPoint Press  Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency

The Small Things by Bud Hearn

The Weakly Post

The Small Things


“For who has despised the day of small things?”          Ruminations of a 6th Century BC Prophet.




It was one morning last July. A cup of coffee and I were on the back porch hoping for inspiration, some spark of creativity for a Weakly Post subject. My brain was as empty as politician’s rhetoric.


The Bible lay closed on the table.  Somebody once said that if you want to know what God has to say to you today (a big assumption, since He’s been pretty mute since Moses), just shut your eyes, open the Bible and put a finger on the page. Whatever verse it falls on is your message for the day. Sorta like cracking a Biblical fortune cookie.


Of course, God has ways and means of speaking, like burning bushes, whales, frogs, locusts, thunder and even dumb asses (uh, that’s Bible-speak for donkeys, and does not necessarily refer to politicians). I’m pretty sure He spoke to me one time after five Varsity chili dogs. But that’s another story.


So I’m no skeptic when it comes to Biblical advice. There’s good stuff in there. But I figure such randomness has terrible odds, about the same as being struck twice by lightning, which is about 1 in 9 million, assuming you survived the first strike. Actually, these are better odds than winning Powerball or Georgia winning against Florida this weekend.


But what the heck. Why not? Still, I couldn’t help thinking how silly the suggestion was. Success would be like walking blind into Publix, groping the shelves for a can of tuna and finding one. It could be dog food.


But I did it anyway. My finger landed on a verse in the writings of Zachariah, one of the Minor Prophets. I kinda felt sorry for Zach, being minor and all, until I read the verse. Notwithstanding the obscurity of his prophesy, he was on to something here: It’s the little things of life that count.


So there, I had it, a theme.  Now all I had to do was fill it with words. I cobbled a few together on the backside of a crumpled bill from the Confiscator of Last Farthings (the IRS) and wrote this poem.



The Small Things


The small things,

incomplete clusters,

Like tiny chips in a stone mosaic,

they identify us.


Ask Jesus.

He notices.


We boast of the Big,

Shroud the small, and

Tuck them inside drawers,

upon shelves of yesterday,

in nooks and crannies stuffed full

of the ignored

the irrelevant

the insignificant.


How long this friendship,

this marriage, this place?

Do I know her? Him? It? Me?


We leave in pieces,

Inches not miles,

Seconds, not hours,

Scattered in bits and pieces

These Trails of ourselves.


Big comes in spurts,

Small is habitual.

The big things fade,

fail to linger long.

The small things abound,

occupy the empty, dusty spaces

of life,

of love,

of joy,

of tears,

of things gained,

of things lost,

remnants mostly forgotten.


The whims of acquisition wasted,

no regrets, money spent, gone,

life’s choices scattered,

some here, some there, yet

the small necessities remain.


The costly and the cheap

co-exist quietly

like strangers in a crowd,

each claiming small spaces to breathe…

the important

the insignificant

the impotent

The ignored,

All co-joined, seeking identity,

craving distinction in the world of chance,

an array of shapes

of use,

or non-use,

part of a jumbled collage of

random collections

meaning what?


A note written, not mailed

Black ink its voice, now muted

its passions past, the memory silent.


I imagine a box

brimming with these small things of life

poured out, scattered

reassembled, these little things

defining the image of her, of him, of it, of me.


Can we see now

what can be known

of it all?


Jesus knows.

Are we beginning to get

a clue?




The Small Things, the seemingly insignificant incidents, are yesterday’s building blocks for today. Can the Small really be the big, and the Big actually nothing more than occasional adjectives in the mosaic of life? Depends on perspective, I guess. But Somebody knows.



Bud Hearn

October 27, 2017