Loiacono Literary Agency Works A-Z

  1. ‘A Sentence of Death’ – Words That Killed A President by Robert Shows – Ecanus Publishing
  2. A Foreign Affair by Amanda Matti – Argus Publishing
  3. A Gentle Sun Coming by Maryann Wakefield – Argus Publishing
  4. A Good Girl by Johnnie Bernhard – Texas Review Press
  5. A Killer Past by Maris Soule – Crowood Press
  6. A Month of Tomorrows by Chuck Walsh – Vinspire Publishing
  7. A Passage Back by Chuck Walsh – Vinspire Publishing
  8. A Promise to Lena by JJ White – (available for acquisition)
  9. A Splintered Dream by Chuck Walsh – Argus Publishing
  10. Assassination at Willard’s by Jack Martin (available for acquisition)
  11. A Stone for the Journey by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Argus Publishing (2017)
  12. A Taker of ‘Morrows by Stephen Paul Sayers (available for acquisition) – Represented by Linda Kasten
  13. A Wish to Die For by Michael Infinito – Black Opal Books
  14. Affinity’s Window by Doug Wilson – Argus Publishing
  15. All That Matters by Diane Yates – Argus Publishing
  16. Architects of Armageddon by Dr. John Flynn – Argus Publishing
  17. As One Must, One Can by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Argus Publishing
  18. Astoria Nights by Paul A. Barra – Black Opal Books
  19. Backwoods Justice by Chuck Walsh – Champagne Books
  20. Bank Notes: The True Story of the Boonie Hat Bandit by Caroline Giammanco  – Argus Publishing
  21. Blizzard by Buzz Bernard – BelleBooks
  22. Bred to the Bone: Deadly Secrets at Hunter’s Mill by Lin Waterhouse – Argus Publishing
  23. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? by Jack Martin – Blank Slate Press
  24. By Accident of Birth by Thomas E. Simmons – Touchpoint Press
  25. Chasing Horizons – The Great Air Race that Changed the World by Jim Bolander – Ecanus Publishing
  26. Confessions of April Grace: Chocolate-Covered Baloney by KD McCrite – Thomas Nelson
  27. Confessions of April Grace: Cliques, Hicks, and Ugly Sticks! by KD McCrite – Thomas Nelson
  28. Confessions of April Grace: In Front of God and Everybody by KD McCrite – Thomas Nelson
  29. Coosa Flyer by Wally Avett – Argus Publishing
  30. Countenance by Joy Davis – Ecanus Publishing
  31. Cromwell’s Folly by Ginny Fite – Black Opal Books
  32. Cry for Rain by Ariana Mikaelian (available for acquisition)
  33. Dance Like You Mean It by Jeanne Skartsiaris – Black Opal Books
  34. Derby and Darcy: Recycled Dreams by Micah Linton (available for acquisition)
  35. Desolate Heart by Sidney Archer – Ecanus Publishing
  36. Deviant Acts by JJ White – Black Opal Books
  37. Dudgeons & Daggers by Troy Carnes – Argus Publishing
  38. Everything I Know About Life I Learned From James Bond by John Flynn and Bob Blackwood – Library Tales Publishing
  39. Eyewall by Buzz Bernard – BelleBooks
  40. Forgotten Heroes of WWII by Tom Simmons – Taylor Trade Publishing
  41. Fountain of Youth: Nutritional Therapies by Dr. David Vastola – (available for acquisition)
  42. From the Devil’s Farm by Leta Serafim – Coffeetown Press
  43. From Silt and Ashes by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Argus Publishing
  44. Future Prime: Top Ten Science Fiction Films by John Flynn and Bob Blackwood – Library Tales Publishing
  45. Georgia Witness by Stephen Doster – Argus Publishing
  46. Glass Wind Chimes by Jocko Lee  – Argus Publishing
  47. God’s Scarlet Fury by Robert Hirsch – Argus Publishing (2017)
  48. Hammer of God by Robert Hirsch – Argus Publishing
  49. Hanahatchee by Trisha O’Keefe – Argus Publishing
  50. Heaven Enough by Ken La Salle – Limitless Publishing
  51. Her Finest Hour by Stephen Doster – Argus Publishing
  52. Heroes Beneath the Waves: True Submarine Stories of the Twentieth Century by Mary Nida Smith – Skyhorse Publishing
  53. Honor Among Outcasts by Ed Protzel – TouchPointPress (2017)
  54. Horde of Fools by Robert Hirsh – Argus Publishing (2017)
  55. Hour of the Serpent by Michael Infinito (available for acquisition)
  56. House of Seven Days by Juniper Ellis – Limitless Publishing
  57. Intimate Bondage by Dr. John Flynn – BelleBooks
  58. Irredeemable by Pasadena Shakes – Represented by Linda Kasten (available for acquisition)
  59. Jace by RH Lewis – Clear Fork Publishing (2018)
  60. Jesus Tree by Stephen Doster – Argus Publishing
  61. Johnnie Come Lately by Kathleen M. Rodgers – Camel Press
  62. Josh by RH Lewis – Clear Fork Publishing (2018)
  63. Keith by RH Lewis – Clear Fork Publishing (2019)
  64. Kid Clay by Carl Watson – Argus Publishing (2018)
  65. Lace Curtain by Jeanne Charters – Rogue Phoenix Press (contract pending)
  66. Last Bigfoot in Dixie by Wally Avett – BelleBooks
  67. Legend of Shane McLean – Quest for Vengeance– Black Opal Books
  68. Living Where the Rabbits Danced by JR Collins – Argus Publishing (2017)
  69. Lord Baltimore by Stephen Doster – John F. Blair
  70. Love in a Small Town by Joyce Zeller – Rogue Phoenix Press
  71. Love Song of the Chinaberry Man by Trisha O’Keefe – Black Opal Books
  72. Lying, Cheating, and Occasionally Murder by Ginny Fite – Black Opal Books (2017)
  73. Maddie’s Choice by Joyce Zeller – Coffeetown Press
  74. Murder by Plague by Jack Martin (available for acquisition)
  75. Murder in Caney Fork by Wally Avett – BelleBooks
  76. Murder on Air Force One by Dr. John Flynn – Argus Publishing (2018)
  77. Murder on the March by Jack Martin (available for acquisition)
  78. Nisei by JJ White – Black Opal Books
  79. No Good Deed Left Undone by Ginny Fite – Black Opal Books
  80. Nurse Blood by Rebecca Besser – Limitless Publishing
  81. (OMG) Don Quixote and Candide Seek Truth, Justice and El Dorado in the Digital Age (LOL) by Stefan Soto – Argus Publishing (2017)
  82. Pandamonium by Darlene Dihel – Clear Fork Publishing (2017)
  83. Pathways of the Heart by Diane Yates – Argus Publishing
  84. Patients in Purgatory by William T. Delamar – Rogue Phoenix Press
  85. Plague by Buzz Bernard – BelleBooks
  86. Please Say Kaddish For Me by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Argus Publishing
  87. Prayer Offerings by JJ White (available for acquisition)
  88. Prodigious Savant by JJ White – Black Opal Books
  89. Project Keepsake by Amber Lanier Nagle – Native Ink Press
  90. Promise of the Black Monks by Robert Hirsh – Argus Publishing
  91. Psalms for the Single Mom by Lisa Reinhard – Argus Publishing (2017)
  92. QL4 by Jim Garrison – Published by TouchPoint Press (2017)
  93. Rancor by John House – Published by Argus Publishing
  94. Rebel Bushwhacker by Wally Avett – Argus Publishing
  95. Rose Bush by Stephen Doster – Argus Publishing
  96. Safe Space: A Survival Guide for Trump’s America by Tyler Koch – Represented by Linda Kasten (available for acquisition)
  97. Sara by RH Lewis – Clear Fork Publishing (2019)
  98. Sea of Greed by Douglas McCullough and Les Pendleton – Argus Publishing
  99. Searching for God in the Garbage by Bracha Goetz – Argus pUblishing (2018)
  100. Seven Wings to Glory by Kathleen M. Rodgers – Camel Press
  101. Shadow Child by Stephen Doster – Argus Publishing
  102. Shadows On Iron Mountain by Chuck Walsh – Champagne Books
  103. Shanty Gold by Jeanne Charters – Rogue Phoenix Press
  104. Silk Stockings by Jeanne Charters – Rogue Phoenix Press (contract pending)
  105. Something in Madness by Ed Protzel – TouchPoint Press (2018)
  106. Supercell by Buzz Bernard – BelleBooks
  107. Tar Kyler: Time Traveling Mercenary by Jocko Lee – Rogue Phoenix Press
  108. Terror at G-20 by Dr. John Flynn – Argus Publishing (2018)
  109. The Antiquities Dealer by Ed Protzel (available for acquisition)
  110. The Avignon Legacy by Daniel C. Lorti – Argus Publishing
  111. The Brother Voice by William T. Delamar – Rogue Phoenix Press
  112. The Boy Who Danced with Rabbits -J R Collins – Argus Publishing
  113. The CareTAKERS by William T. Delamar – Rogue Phoenix Press
  114. The Colby Ghost by Michael Infinito – Black Opal Books
  115. The Devil Takes Half by Leta Serafim – Coffeetown Press
  116. The Dragon Soldier’s Good Fortune  by Robert Goswitz – Black Opal Books (2018)
  117. The Final Salute by Kathleen M. Rodgers – Deer Hawk Publications
  118. The Fugitive’s Sister by Linda Case – Argus Publishing
  119. The Ghost of Timmy Wah: Eternal Secrets at Hunter’s Mill by Lin Waterhouse – Argus Publishing (2017)
  120. The Hanging Tree by Michael Infinito – Black Opal Books
  121. The Haunting of Arron House by Joyce Zeller – Rogue Phoenix Press
  122. The Hidden Congregation by William T. Delamar – Rogue Phoenix Press
  123. The Kingdom Child by Jennifer Johnson – Argus Publishing (2018)
  124. The Last Quinn Standing by Thomas E. Simmons – Touchpoint Press
  125. The Lies That Bind by Ed Protzel – Published by TouchPoint Publishing
  126. The Mama Tree by Trisha O’Keefe – Black Opal Books
  127. The Man Called Brown Condor by Tom Simmons – Skyhorse Publishing
  128. The Missing Factor by Daniel C. Lorti – Argus Publishing (2018)
  129. The Other Two-Fifths by Joan Early – Argus Publishing
  130. The Road to Royalty by DC Doeks – Argus Publishing
  131. The Siege of Knoxville by Jack Martin (available for acquisition)
  132. The Shores of Our Souls by Kathryn Brown Ramsperger – TouchPoint Press (2017)
  133. The Stellar Phoenix by Robert Shows – Argus Publishing
  134. The Stellar Phoenix-Galactic War I by Robert Shows – Argus Publishing (2018)
  135. The Stellar Phoenix – Unrequieted Peace by Robert Shows – Argus Publishing (2019)
  136. The Stellar Phoenix – Galactic War II by Robert Shows – Argus Publishing (2020)
  137. The Stellar Phoenix–The Cloak Wars by Robert Shows – Argus Publishing (2021)
  138. The Stonehenge Scrolls by Karen Robbins – Muse-It-Up Publishing
  139. The Tides of Mississipi by Philip Levin – Argus Publishing
  140. The West Plains Dance Hall Explosion by Lin Waterhouse – The History Press
  141. The Woods at Barlow Bend by Jodie Cain Smtih – Deer Hawk Publications
  142. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Time Stops, Time Stops by David LeMaster – Champagne Books (2018)
  143. To Look On Death No More by Leta Serafim – Coffeetown Press
  144. Touching Spirit: Letters of Minominike by James Washburn (available for acquisition)
  145. Trail of Deceit by John House – Limitless Publishing
  146. Treason on the Mississippi by Jack Martin (available for acquisition)
  147. Treasure Quest of the Third Reich by Malcolm Barber – Ecanus Publishing
  148. Unbreakable Will by Lisa Reinhard – Argus Publishing
  149. Uncommon Bond by John House Published by Argus Publishing (2017)
  150. Voices from St. Simons by Stephen Doster – John F. Blair
  151. Voicing the Eagle by Amanda Matti – Argus Publishing (2017)
  152. Washed by a Beach by Lisa Reinhard – Argus Publishing
  153. When the Devil’s Idle by Leta Serafim – Coffeetown Press
  154. Why People Do What They Do by Emilio Iasiello – Argus Publishing
  155. XXXtreme Discretion by Michael Infinito – Black Opal Books
  156. Yesterday a War, Tomorrow a War, A  Family in Between by Thomas E. Simmons (contract pending)
  157. Your Ex-boyfriend Will Hate This by Blue Sullivan – Limitless Publishing